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    • Joel Landau has always had his way around with words, and as he grew older his writing skills only improved, and so did his long-lasting fascination with newspapers. Driven by this passion, after finishing high school he went on to study Political Science and Government at the State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick, from where he obtained his bachelor degree. By the time he reached his final year at college, he was already working as a reporter for the National Law Journal, covering stories on latest developments in criminal cases, and reporting on technological advances and trends in the legal industry.

      Equipped with experience and a university degree, Joel Landau started aiming higher, and his next position was at The Daily Targum, working as news editor. Apart from being in charge of the news content, he was also responsible for the story placement, and oversaw a team of eight editors and their staff. That year, The Daily Targum was voted as the “Best College Daily” in the nation, at the 2005 Associated College Press Convention.

      In august 2005, Joel Landau started working as writer and editor for the Journal Register Company, where he was able to truly show off his creative skills, and thrive as a writer. That year, Joel Landau won second place in the NJPA Better Newspaper Contest’s Robert P. Kelly Award in my newspaper’s category. His most recent position was at the highly acclaimed newspaper New York Daily News, where Joel Landau acted as a reporter, covering stories with a main focus on YouTube and other viral online videos.